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  • Funny.

    Very Handsome.
  • Jason Mewes is Amazing.

    Jason is hot and funny but above all underused. He definitely should co-star or atleast cast in more movies and/or tv shows..unless he came up with his own show..that\'d be pretty nice too. Every movie i\'ve seen with him i have laughed until i was crying..especially clerks and Dogma. I think it\'s his hornball-stoner and blunt attitude that makes him so much more different and unique than most actors. I really miss the jay and silent bob combo though, they are amazing together, as in their movie Jay and Silent Bob strike back, one of the funniest ever not to mention adorable when they save the orangutan
  • Jason Mewes is hot, and should be used in more shows and movies.

    Jason Mewes is a great actor who is not only funny, but sexy as well. It would be better for everyone if the entertainment world would realize his talent (and cuteness); I would definitely watch a movie just to see his cute butt. I loved him as Jay, and I think he would be great in acting out other roles, such as a serious role; he definitely can do anything he puts his mind to. It\'s about time others realized that as well.