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  • Couldn't have made a better cast change when they brought this guy on to SGA

    As Ronon Dex this guy is superb , he's got the height , the athletisism , plays the part with total passion and you can , through his acting ability , actually feel the pain he has suffered throughout his life after the Wraith attack on his home planet and ever since then , he is also hilarious and perfect for the type of role he has on SGA. I have never seen him in anything else as the other shows apart from Baywatch that he has been cast in have never shown in the UK but for me this guy could have a massive future in acting business as he as the full range required.
  • Eye Candy Man

    Wow...hes big, bold, strong, and above all beautiful! Can't eyes off of him when hes wielding a huge gun shooting at Wraith all sweaty with those dreadlocks flopping around & the sexy trench coat waving in the wind, or when he is flexing those oily, large, round muscles holding some sort of weapon while practice fighting Tayla. *Drool* He is one of those guys that looks like a Boflex/Chip & Dale dancer combo..good enough for me and any girl wanting to get eye exercise while watching SGA. If only all guys looked like him....
  • Hot Hot Hot

    I agree he's hot and those dread's love them and I love him in the show, I think he brings a lot to the diversity of the the cast .......is it true that the show has been cancelled? ..I heard that he he cheated on his partner of 7 years and had a baby 6 months later...it's a shame if thats true as that shows bad character! Hope he stays on tv if the show has been cancelled as hes easy on the eyes, I cant believe he was in baywatch, I saw photos from that show and looks so different
  • No words can describe how fine he is . . .

    but I'll try. I first caught Mr. Momoa's performance while flipping through the channels and seeing a dreadlocked, handsome stud of a man playing on some sci fi show (which I now know was Stargate Atlantis). His looks distracted me so much that I'm not sure of his acting capabilities, nor do I care.
  • The Hawaiian prettyboy

    Jason is indeed a prettyboy, but he's one of the kind that also know how to act. My Jason experience is limited to his aperances in Stargate:Atlantis. I'd heard about his aperances on shows like Baywatch:Hawaii and North Shore, so when he was announced to be on Atlantis I was thinking; Oh, no... not a soap guy. But as he came on, I was surprised in a good way. He really can act. He deserves more than just being labeled as a pretty face.
  • this guy is a real hottie. Whats with all the great looking guys on tv being from hawaii or am I the only one who\\\'s noticed. This guy makes up for loosing Ford and I think he should get more veiw time for all the female veiwers.

    The guy is a hunk and has made the show way more interesting. Would love to see an episode or 2 or him with fewer clothes on for us ladies.

    Think he and Tala should get more romantically involved too. They would be hot together to say the least. k