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  • Trivia

    • On April 12, 2012, Jason finished shooting in New Mexico on the new pilot for CBS that is based on the life of Ralph Lamb, a former rodeo cowboy who becomes a sheriff. The pilot called Vegas was picked up and set to air on Tuesday's 10:00.

    • Nellie Andreeva (Deadline Hollywood) announced on June 4, 2010, that Jason was in negotiations to star in Terra Nova for the Fox network. The midseason series is produced by Steven Spielberg.

    • Jason O'Mara was featured on the cover of TV Guide (September 8, 2008 issue). The article inside was titled "The New Hunks of Fall TV 2008."

    • Jason's producing credit for the Marlowe pilot was the first time he had been credited as a producer for a television series. However, Marlowe wasn't picked up as a series by ABC.

    • Jason starred in Resident Evil: Extinction as Albert Wesker. This film was the second project on which Jason had worked with Paul W.S. Anderson, the director for the pilot Drift.

    • The Hollywood Reporter (June 14, 2006) announced Jason has signed another talent holding deal with ABC and Touchstone Television. According to Touchstone Executive Vice President Julia Franz, "We've had a phenomenal working experience with Jason, We believe he's a major breakout star who has everything we look for in a leading man." Executive Vice President of Casting for ABC & Touchstone Keli Lee said, "Jason is an enormous talent that we've believed in for years."

    • Jason and his wife, Paige Turco, have an apartment on the Upper West Side in New York City and a house on the Connecticut shore.

    • Jason misses Dublin. In Ireland, he lived in Sandy Cove which is by the ocean.

    • In an interview in Irish Voice with Sean Driscoll, Jason stated he has been trying to crack Hollywood for the past 12 years. He also discussed In Justice, his theater work in Dublin, and his hopes that his struggle for recognition is finally over. He also mentioned he would like to make a movie next.

    • Jason's role in the midseason series In Justice was partly the result of his role in the unsold pilot for Countdown. ABC and Touchstone signed him to a talent-holding deal subsequent to the May 2003 upfronts.

    • In 2006, Jason signed on to film the drama pilot Drift for ABC's 2006 pilot season in the lead role of Ray Hakansovich, a New York City detective who who loses his young daughter, which leaves him with a form of post-traumatic stress insomnia, and hallucinations that his daughter is with him at crime scenes. The casting was in second position to Jason's series In Justice.

    • Jason was mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter (August 31, 2005) in the list of "Other names that have surfaced -- either in the media or inside the Hollywood beltway" as possible replacements for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

    • In Jason's guest-starring role on The Closer, he portrayed a convicted murderer on death row who was, as it turned out, framed. In Jason's series, In Justice, he plays a detective who works to free the wrongly convicted.

    • Jason O'Mara and his wife, Paige Turco, have more than just acting in common. As a matter of fact, acting wasn't the first choice for either one of them. Paige wanted to be a classical ballerina, but she broke her foot while rehearsing, which ended her dancing career. Jason was an avid rugby player until he suffered an injury and was sidelined. While recovering, he tried out for a school play and the rest is history. Jason and Paige met while they were co-starring in The Agency.

    • At their wedding, Jason and Paige chose Nat King Cole's "Orange Colored Sky" as their first song. The song contains the lines: "I was walking along minding my business/When love came and hit me in the eye/Flash! Bam! Alakazam!/Out of an orange-colored sky." In their first scene together on The Agency Paige forgot to duck whne Jason threw a theatrical punch and hit her in the eye.

  • Quotes

    • Jason:(on playing an American again on Terra Nova) I've been in the states nine years now, and I've yet to have a job with my own accent.

    • Jason: (on what he would miss the most if he really was transported back to the '70s) Well, I would certainly miss the Internet, iPods, my DVR, microwave oven, and cell phones, of course.

    • Jason: (discussing the accent he will use on Life on Mars) I'm gonna try and give it sort of a New York flavor. That's very difficult to do, to do a subtle New York accent. It's easier to do Italian or something very specific.

    • Jason: I don't sing or dance which probably stands in my favor, or I would have done some really nasty things in spangled G-strings by now.

    • Jason: (on the prospect of worldwide stardom) I would be terrified of being Tom Cruise famous. Mostly I would be scared that being that famous would ruin you as an actor and make you vain as soon as you're vain you are in big trouble as an actor. I think I'm an actor more than a star.

    • Jason: (on his role in Space Truckers) I had my own Jet copter and I had to say, I took a hit, I said I'm hit, I've lost my rear stabilizers. Aaargh!

    • Jason: (to Matt Webb Mitovich after he mentioned he had once sent Paige roses) She's not very good with fan mail, or roses, or... I actually accidentally punched her in our first fight scene on The Agency - broke the skin over her eye, requiring stitches - and I felt so bad about it. That's when I started realizing I had feelings for her. Maybe she likes that kind of treatment better, because we ended up getting married and now have a 2-year-old son! She doesn't respond so much to the roses.

    • Jason: (regarding The Ageny and his wife, Paige) It was one of those shows about spies with sexual tension, and it seems like we sort of went over the side and brought it home with us.

    • Jason: (regarding his In Justice character) Conti lives in a $55-a-night motel. I also keep clothes and a toothbrush in the office. If you look closely, it's right beside his pens -- his shirts and sweaters. And he's got a little dying plant in the yellow window behind his desk. That was a personal request of mine, that Conti have a dying plant.

    • Jason: In Justice isn't a procedural, In Justice isn't a character drama, it isn't a law show, it isn't a cop show. But it's all of those.

    • Jason: (to Neil LaBute when asked about his American accent) Well, it was good enough for Spielberg.