Jason Pace





1/24/1974 , Staten Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jason Pace




Jason has been in showbiz since he was a child. He has done plenty of commercials and theater production. He has also appeared in some movies and TV shows. One show he will always be remembered and loved for is UPN's "Girlfriends" as Dr. Todd Garrett, Tony Child's (one of the main characters) Jewish white husband.

Jason's destiny was to become more than just a cute face and actor though. He has a high education including a B.A. in Psychology, Master's Degree in Education and Child Development from "Wagner College" in New York.

Jason posses a Certificate of Qualification for New York Board Of Education and has taught grades K-5 in New York. And, in California he has gotten his credentials to teach at "Los Angeles Unified School District."

On top of all of that wonderful education, Jason is the co-founder(along with actor/teacher/writer/comedian Braden Nagel) of "Children's Creative Center - a Performing Arts & Film cchool for children ages 6-14. Jason has acted as not just co-founder but organizer, director and supervisor in the creation and production of this children's musical theater.