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  • One note actor

    An ok actor who added nothing to the overall dynamic of Girlfriends. The people who casted him in this show are completely insane for pairing him with Toni. He's never reacted to her with the correct amount of anger or excitement and his voice is annoying. I didn't buy that he ever was in love with the Toni character. That might've possibly been the first time he'd ever had an onscreen relationship with a Black woman. Taken as a whole, his performance was very one-dimensional and unbelievable. The next time they cast another recurring character on this show, make sure that they seem comfortable around black people.
  • Very talented and diverse actor. A pleasure to watch.

    I love to watch when he is on. I wish there were more episodes with him. He has great talent and as has been said before you don\'t know exactly what\'s going on in the mind of him. but the talent is enormous he is a breath of clean fresh air. I enjoy him. It really is to bad he is not on more.
  • I think he has enormous talent. I would love to see it used more not just as a doctor but especially as a father. There seems to be a part of him that has remained untapped.

    I have always enoyed seeing him I try to make it a point to watch when I know he will be appearing. He has talent and intelligence. I would like to see him have a fair part on this series since there is now a baby involved. There is something about him that makes you wonder what he's thinking and what's going on under the surface. He is highly educated and very smart I would like to see him indepth. I think this would be an entertaining scenerio.
  • Has great talent, is calm and does not fly off the handle. I agree that you never know what he's thinking. I love that as a man he wants to be available in all ways for the baby.

    I think given the chance he would be a great father. He is calm and patient. He's cool & collected. He thinks about things. He would be the stabilizing force in a child's life. He's a good man as William has said even Toni's mother said that "Todd has a good heart". If the producers have good sense they will give this a chance. Any man who goes to bat for his child this way to allright by me. You go man!
  • I think this is a great actor. He is interesting but I have to agree you sometimes do not know what he is thinking. This I have to agree with strongly.

    I think this is a fabulous actor he is on way to less. I always enjoy him. He is strong but not pushy and overbearing. He is polite but not weak. I think given the chance he will be a great father. He has tolerance and patience and will give the child room to grow but will be guiding and protecting at the same time. I am always interested in what he will do next. it would be nice to feature him much more.
  • This is a very talented man. I enjoy watching him as far as I'm concerned he's not on as much as he should be.

    I really enjoy this man. He is very talented and diverse. He plays his play wonderfully. I look forward to him on the few rare occassions when he graces the screen and he's not hard on the eyes at all. I would like to see him more often. He is strong without being demanding and overbearing. He has a very interseting personality he can be hard to figure out at times. But he is forgiving and willing to give second chances. When he is pushed to far he acts and not without warning. I find him fascinating and enjoyable to watch. He will be the reason I keep watching if at all.
  • I like his cool manner. His character can be a bit hard to figure out because he is quiet most of the times a thinker.

    He is very talented and soo cute. He is quiet and at times it is hard to put your finger on what's going on in that cute head. However, he is stronger than he appears, he is patient and tolerant until he is pushed and then he takes action. He doesn't play around. He does give fair warning and then acts on it. In a real sense he is exactly what Toni Childs-Garrett deserves. He is unstanding and puts up with alot but he is not weak and sometimes tolerance can be taken for weakness. I adore him completely.
  • This man is very interesting. He's a thinker and therefore you don't know what he may or may not do. This adds an air of mystery.

    I love him he is a great actor he should be more added more often to the cast. His character is somewhat quiet but he means what he says except when sometimes provolked. He is handsome and I think that when he is pushed he acts on it. He doesn't play or foll around when it comes to serious issues. If they prodicers allow him to be a father. I think we'll really see his protective nature when it comes to the baby. He can give unconditional love and proper guidance he will allow for mistakes without the child feeling unloved.
  • He's very smart,very handsome, talented, educated,and a very good co-star. He holds his own. And has an air of mystery in a sense you don't exactly know what he'll do next which is intriging.

    Good actor, cute in a boyish never get old type of way. Very intelligent, confident. There is an air of confidence and mystery about him in a way. His character is great, he's patient and kind but can put his foot down very hard when pushed to the limit. He can act extreme when pushed to the wall he'll come out fighting. He has an enormous amount of talent, is highly educated and it shows.