Jason Presson

Jason Presson


8/31/1971, USA

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  • ahh! jason presson! talk about sexy! he is solely responsible for being the most distracting and dreamy teenager ive ever laid . . . my eyes on! ive had a major crush on him for the last 22 years! and im his dream woman if only he knew it!moreless

    wow! i must have watched that film 'the explorers' a gazzillion times or more back in the 80's and all for love!! aahh....now, the film itself is good and entertaining up to a certain point near the end when it gets trashed by the involvement of a hammy, loud, overbearing, non-sensical, not-funny 'funny-guy' - a hugely boring enormously overacted part that quite frankly wrecks the movie - ugh that rotton slimy green badly costumed alien against the backdrop of rotton old black and white freaky television and movie clips. yack!!!! ... . . . i digress .....jason...mmmn..lovely! get this - i had a crush on him so bad i had a red ruler for school with 'jason' on it and i even got my mum to pause the video tape (on a close up mugshot of jp) whilst i pouted at the tv screen posing for a photograph in the hope that it would turn out like a real picture of me and him snogging! but i was only 8 years old @ the time!!

    so does anyone know him? how can i get hold of him? oooh err matron...i mean in touch with him?! crikey that sounds worse!! hee hee where is he now? what is he doing? and what does he look like now? anybody? maybe i'll bump into him one fine day, eh? and jason ...honey .. if u ever read this review i hope u will find it in your heart to send me an email sometime??!

    heres a big kiss you sexy boy!!


    suzi diamond