Jason Reso

Jason Reso


11/30/1973, Ottowa, Ontario

Birth Name

William Jason Reso



Also Known As

Christian, Canadian Rage, Christian Cage, Captain Charisma
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Jason Reso competed for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Christian from 1998 to 2005. He continued wrestling by joining Total Nonstop Action (TNA) in November of 2005, and remains there to this day. Reso has also ventured into other entertainment fields, appearing in films Shoot 'Em Up and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Captain Charisma has been a welcome addition to the TNA roster.

    I first saw Jason Reso in WWE as Edge's(Adam Copeland) brother/tag partner Christian. Then he look a tad scrawny then but was a good brawler nevertheless. He had his locks shaved, grew facial hair & adopted a sneery presence that made him look more of a fighter, I particularly enjoyed his partnership with fellow Canadian Trish Stratus. His move to TNA sees him involved with more bouts than storylines, something the WWE hould take note.moreless
  • Captain Charisma should of got more respect than what he he got in the WWE If you don't know now you know.

    Captain Charisma should of got more respect than what he he got in the WWE. Christan has tons of charisma, mic skills, and he can wrestle. What him and Edge did as a tag team I could tell that both of them would be a would champion. When Christan joined TNA I thought finally Christan will get an opportunity that he deserves. Christan has won many titles over the years like WWE tag team Champion, Intercontinental Champion And the TNA World heavyweight Championship three times. Christan has help TNA get on the radar of wrestling fans. Christan has help the younger wrestlers like AJ Styles and Tomko When they joined the Christan coalition if you don't know now you know. I hope that in the future Christan will go back to the WWE and become World champion maybe against Edge!!!moreless