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  • Cool Dude!

    I really want to meet this guy in person so bad!
  • Very good actor.

    I don't know this guy very well, but his dad was in two movies I really like, Problem Child 1 and 2. I saw Jason on Joan of Arcadia. He played this guy named Kevin who can't walk and he had to be in a wheelchair. Jason Ritter played Michael Welch's character's older brother. I like Michael Welch more than Jason Ritter. Michael looks cuter and he's closer to my age. I write a lot of stories about Joan of Arcadia, but Jason Ritter is not in a lot of my stories. I'm only writing this because I have to write 100 words.
  • Just like his late dad!

    I loved Jason ever since I saw Joan of Arcadia
    And really thought that they underused him in that show
    But really hopefully in the Class, the new CBS show they
    Will really show his gift for comedy as well as for taking the lead. Picking up from his late tv father legend, John!
    Handsome & talented if you ask me.
  • Another John Ritter

    Jason Ritter is becoming or is just like his father. He is a very talented actor, and he looks just like John. It's so fun how he and his dad look alike when his dad was younger. Jason is one of my favorite actors. I like to see what he does in his acting career as he gets futher into it. I bet that he will become just as famous as his legendary father.
  • Jason Ritter is by far one of my top 5 favorite actors.

    1.He is hotter than you know.

    2.He was great as Paul Fletcher in Raise Your Voice.

    3.His father was one of my favorite actors.

    He definitly resembles his father in so many ways.Ive watched Jason as an actor for years and Im proud to say Im happy of what he has accomplished.
  • jason is a great actor

    jason ritter is the younger version of his wonderfully talented father. jason has been in great tv shows and the movie "raise your voice" he was great. i think jason can become a great actor given time to work a little longer. Jason has the same hyperness as his father did when he was younger