Jason Schwartzman

Jason Schwartzman


6/26/1980, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Jason Francesco Schwartzman


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Jason comes from a prolific Hollywood family. His father is film producer, Jack Schwartzman, and his mother is actress, Talia Shire (Rocky, etc). Director, Francis Ford Coppola is Schwartzman's uncle, and actor Nicolas Cage is his cousin. As well as acting, Jason has played the drums since he…more


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    • Jason: (describing 'Rushmore')

    • Jason: Logic plus logic equals the illogical. Do you know what I mean?

    • Jason: I believe in not over thinking things too much. When the right thing comes along, you really don't have a choice.

    • Jason: I have never stopped playing music.

    • Jason: It's funny that people think because you don't have a movie or record out, you disappear into a frozen chamber someplace. They think you're dead when you're not in the public eye.

    • Jason: Every actor I ever meet goes, 'Ultimately I plan on having my own company and write and direct,' but yes, I too would love to write and direct a movie. I want to do a play, too. I want to do it all.

    • Jason (On wearing period costumes in "Marie Antoinette"): I just had to learn to accept that and know that I couldn't move the way that I personally move in my day-to-day life in those costumes. If I tried to go against them, it just didn't work. But if you go with the flow of the costumes, they're all right.

    • Jason: In one sentence, I'd describe myself as indescribable. But, I wouldn't end it with a period. I'd end it with three dots.

    • Jason (On actor Jason Segal): I can't stop cracking up around that guy. He's unbeatably funny. Sometimes they'd have to cut because we'd just be talking and just looking at each other. I'd look in his eyes and I'd just start cracking up. I'd just see him laughing in his eyes and I'd lose it! 'Cause I'm a crackup. I'm not a very hard man to make laugh.

    • Jason (On Jim Carey's "The Cable Guy"): That is one of the greatest movies ever made! It's genius! It's one of the only DVDs I own.

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    Jason Schwartzmann is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Slackers."moreless