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  • Big Fudge

    I am in love with Jason Segel! Especially in How I met your mother. He is an amazing Mashall and his love with Lilly is so believable that it is so hard to believe they arent together in real life! I would love to meet him one day
  • Funny guy who masters every role he plays.


    I love Jason Segal back from the short-lived days of Freaks and Geeks. He was amazing in one of my favorite movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Russell Brand and Mila Kunis. And of course, he is terrific in the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. He plays the perfect timid, innocent boy/man but with a great sense of fun in all them. He's no doubt, one of my favorite actors today.

  • He will be a big name star

    After doing drama for a long time it is nice
    To see Jason doing comedy as the lead role in
    How I Met Your Mother explaining to his baby or
    Children to be how he met their mother. He is
    The straight man as he also is handsome and very talented
    Great actor with a very promising future indeed!
  • Funny guy! Glad he's working again!

    Jason is such a spazz! Don't believe me? Check out his show "Undeclared." I loved his character Eric. He was so hilarious... so in love with Lizzie. Jason really brought him to life. I hope he has a lot more success. Being in "How I Met Your Mother" is definitely a great start for him!
  • He is unbeleivably talented and very funny

    Im not the biggest fan of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' but thats not his fault. On the other hand how good is he on 'How i met your mother'. I know someone else writes what he says, but he could say or do anything and he could make it funny. 'How i met your Mother' would not be the same without him, Barney is great but Marshall is the BOMB!!!
    I hope to see him in as many movies or shows possible, hteres just something about him that makes him extremely funny. Im not overly sure that 'Forgeting Sarah Marshall' suited him.
  • Awesome Actor Awesome person

    I only just discovered Jason last year but he's already one
    of my favorite actors in tv or film.I love this guy not only can he tell a story like on a late night talk show or when he's weaving a tale as Marshall on How I met your mother, He is incredibly gorgeous and funny and just seems like a genuinely talented (He's just starting production on a new movie he wrote and it staring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Kristen Bell (another actor I love!)Not to mention that he is gorgeous! Plus he seems like a legitimately good human being and I think he deserves all his success!