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Jason Simmons

Jason Simmons



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Jason Patrick Simmons


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Jason and Kristopher Simmons, twin sons of Robert and Maria Simmons, were pulled into the acting business by an agent who contacted members of a club for mothers of twins, looking for babies to cast in television shows. After several auditions and no offers, the Simmonses were surprised…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • i love ya!

    i love this baby so much --- and his twin brother. they are so good at playing little baby wyatt halliwell they keep me entertained and they are part of the reason that i watch charmed. they are so adorably i just want to pick them up and cuddle them! since the newest series of charmed, the twins have been having speaking roles which make watching them on t.v even more enjoyable. i really hope they will keep on acting after charmed because i know i wil dfefinatly keep watching out for them!!! rock on boys!! i lvoe ya lolmoreless
  • jason and his brother kristopher play wyatt matthew haliwell on charmed.

    i love these kids!!! theyre sooo cute! they are my heros! (jks) i wish they had more lines though, i love them. i think they kind of remind me of mary kate and ashley olsen, well male versions anyways, and a lot younger lol. but anyways, i hope they get another role on a different show now that charmed is over because they are incredible talented. i wish that brad kern and the other writers would have given them a bigger role earlier in the show before the cancellation because then they would have gotten a lot more experience as young actors.moreless