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  • Great!

    What an action hero for our time.
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    Jason Statham is one of the most underrated action stars of our modern day times. His presence is known by all not because of what he says but by who he is and how he acts--cool, calm and collected. He is almost akin to what you think of James Bond to be like in real life.
  • Talent, brains, the most soulful eyes ever, along with the shy guy good looks that most actors dont have all rolled into one yummy package.

    I didn't relize how wonderful Mr. Statham was until I saw him in The Transporter 2. I think that putting him with a child was a great way to showcase his softer side. He moves like a perfect dancer in his martial arts scences and is poetry in motion just walking. He drives like no one else in the business, he is an all round great actor.

    His shy smile, and deep hazel eyes are a real turn-on, as well as having the body and great looks of an exotic dancer. He is yummy to look at and wonderful to listen to speak. He is intellegent and funny, wish he was in more movies love to watch him act. Would love to see him in a romantic drama or comedy.

    If he was ever to read this I would hope that he would relize that I am his greatest fan.

    Love you Jason you great!!!!
  • A real man's man and has to have the sexiest voice of all time. Pulls off the action movies easily and plays a great villain

    First noticed this British hunk in The Transporter and his quite no nonsense demeanor really made you like his character. He has played a wide range of characters and with his athletic ability, great body, and sexy voice has made his parts memorable. Played an excellent bad guy in Cellular. By the end of the movie, even though I'm a big fan, he deserved to die. He is broadening his work with a variety of parts and even branching out into some comedic roles. Hopefully he will have a long career and bless us with his screen presence for many years to come.
  • Great actor

    He's well built and skilled in stunts and action/fighting scenes. Whether he's playing the role of a protagonist like in The Transporter or an antagonist like in Cellular. He can go either way. And his cool/calm attitude he plays gives the characters he plays a tough appearance.