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    • Before attending the University of Arizona, Jason Terry had promised the coaches of the University of Washington that he would play basketball for the UW Huskies. He changed his mind when he didn't think the Huskies would win an NCAA championship, and he wouldn't be a top NBA draft pick if he played for Washington.

    • Jason Terry won high school basketball championships at Franklin High School in 1994 and 1995.

    • As a teenager, Jason was friends with Michael Dickerson. Dickerson was another Seattle High School star, who like Jason Terry, attended the University of Arizona.

    • In the summer following his eighth grade year, Jason practiced his jump-shot 600 times a day with his friend, Francis Vela.

    • Although he currently plays for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, his goal of playing in the NBA was "a foolish dream" according to his sixth grade teacher when he was young.

    • Jason was a well-known basketball player on the southside of Seattle by the age of 11.

    • Jason's mom, Andrea, was a Metro bus driver in Seattle. Because of Andrea's long work hours, Jason spent a lot of time in the house changing diapers, made sure his younger brothers and sisters got to bed on time, and any other household chore when Andrea was not home.

    • Jason had four different fathers in his lifetime. His birth-father was Curtis Terry.

    • Sports Illustrated was one of many sports publications that named Jason Terry NCAA player of the year during Terry's 1998-1999 senior season at the University of Arizona.

    • After winning an NCAA basketball championship in his sophomore year at the University of Arizona, Jason returned to Seattle and got a job as a bellhop at the downtown Sheraton Hotel.

    • Jason attended and played college basketball at the University of Arizona.

    • Jason got a job as a vendor at Edmundson Pavilion and Husky Stadium.

    • Jason attended Franklin High School in Seattle, Washington.

    • As a kid/teenager, Jason Terry idolized Gary Payton, a quick point guard that joined the Seattle Supersonics in the year 1990.

    • Growing up, Jason Terry was a fan of all three of his hometown professional sports teams in the Supersonics, (NBA) Mariners, (MLB) and Seahawks. (NFL)

    • Not only Jason, but his father, also, was a 'legend' at his high school where he played basketball.

    • Jason's mom, Andrea Cheatham, had ten kids from four different marriages. Jason was the second of the ten kids.

    • Jason has four daughters: Jasionna, Jalayah, Jaida, and Jasa Azure.

    • Jason has a wife named Johniyka.

    • Jason Terry's nickname is "The Jet" because of both his initials (Jason Eugene Terry) and his speed and hustle on the basketball court.

    • Jason is 6'2"(1.88 m).

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