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    • Jason (on his closest friend on "American Idol"): Michael Johns and I were probably the closest. We became really, really good friends. We were roommates from Hollywood Week, day one. Our personalities just really clicked; he's the funniest guy that I've ever met. He's a dedicated songwriter and musician, and especially a singer, and we just really encouraged each other. We always helped each other out with our song choices, giving each other advice and criticism. Gosh, I'm really gonna miss that guy a lot, and I hope he does really well.

    • Jason (on if Simon was too harsh on him): It was hard to take, in a public platform like that, in front of so many people. During Hollywood Week, I had really great auditions and I got nothing but rave reviews. It felt like he just wasn't into me anymore. We can't take too much of that to heart. Once you get to the Top 24, it's not about them anymore. That's where my flaw was -- I tried to please them. You've just got to worry about your fans out there and who's voting.

    • Jason (on if he thought lack of screen time hurt him on "American Idol): You know, that's been one of the big questions. [My family and friends] were all really disappointed that America didn't really get a chance to get any kind of background story or interviews, really get to know me as a person. Simon complained that I didn't stand out and all I could do was just laugh at that moment. You know, I don't want to be sour about it, I was just kind of disappointed. I felt like I have a lot to offer to the show.

    • Jason (on how his 10-year-old son reacted to his elimination): He called me right after I got off the stage; he was the first person I talked to. He was kind of quiet, didn't really know what to say. I think he was feeling the same things I was feeling. But he just said, "I love you Dad and I'm proud of you," so that meant a lot to me.

    • Jason (on how he felt after being eliminated): Disappointed, just kinda let down. It's just hard, you know -- a lot of things were going through my head, song-choice wise. I just kind of felt like the odds were really against me.

    • Jason: I also play guitar a little bit, I play piano by ear and I play drums, I play drums on my mom's worship. I'm all self-taught, I'm not an accomplished musician by any means, but I like to tinker around with toys and figure around how to play them.

    • Jason: I first started singing when I was about two years old. I've got recording of me and my mom singing at the house, just screwing around with the tape recorder, and I began doing solos and stuff in church when I was a little bit older, but I didn't really get serious about singing until I was about, well into high school, I would probably think as a freshman in high school.

    • Jason (on making the "American Idol" top 24): I'm pretty sure that was probably the most intense feeling of overwhelming excitement ever. I had instantly started crying, I mean it was, I don't ever get so excited that I start crying. It was just very emotional you know and I'll have to see it on the playback because you know, I don't really know exactly what I did. I'm trying to replay it all there was so much emotional and everything that was going on and I can't really remember a whole lot.