Jason Zimbler

Jason Zimbler


7/27/1977, New York (USA)

Birth Name

Jason Michael Zimbler


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Jason Zimbler was born in New York on July 27, 1977. When he was two, he moved down to the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. At the age of 6 was when he first began his career of the entertainment industry.
His debut on television was in 1984…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • It's a pitty Jason stopped acting after Clarissa Explains It All, he could had had a great career.

    How could anyone forget about Ferg, the annoying little brother in Clarissa Explains It All.

    Although most people hated him for making Clarissa's life miserable, for younger siblings like myself, he was an inspiration. I will never forget the episode titled Ferguson Explains It All, mostly because of the opening, although the rest of the episode wasn't so great, specially when Clarissa appeared. But please don't missunderstand me, i love Clarissa , but Ferg is just great.

    Unfourtunatelly for Fergus's fans, Jason has not appeared in any other shows since Clarissa Explains It All. The only thing I know about his life after this show, is that he graduated from Notre Dame and then started working on an internet radio show. Nothing impresive, really, for the promising career he had while playing Ferguson Darling.moreless