Jason Zimbler





7/27/1977 , New York (USA)

Birth Name

Jason Michael Zimbler




Jason Zimbler was born in New York on July 27, 1977. When he was two, he moved down to the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. At the age of 6 was when he first began his career of the entertainment industry.

His debut on television was in 1984 on the soap opera "The Edge of Night", playing little Jamie Swift for only one season. The show was cancelled and Jason soon moved to Livingston, New Jersey. Soon after starting high school, Jason was cast as Ferguson Darling in a Nickelodeon pilot titled "Clarissa Explains It All". Once the show was picked up, he had to decided between taping the show in Orlando and going to high school. Finally, he decided to do the show and enroll in an all-girls school near his home.

After "Clarissa Explains It All" ended, he attended the University of Notre Dame, graduating in 1998. Most recently, Jason is working on an internet radio show called X2radio.com with Nate Rackiewicz.