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    • Jay:(On his career) I just try to do things that I would like to see - to do stuff I would enjoy doing. Is it going to be a worthwhile way to spend my time? Am I going to enjoy showing up for work every day for four months or whatever? My family is taken care of. The rent's paid. I can buy cat food, and I still have money to have a nice TV and I get to live at home in Montreal. I've got no complaints

    • Jay:(On his religion, being half Jewish and half Catholic) I would say probably agnostic, yeah that's-I mean I still pray when I fly and all that stuff and it can't hurt anything but there's too many things in both religions that I don't believe in.

    • Jay:(On living in LA) Man, there's a reason why you're calling me in Montreal. I don't love it. I really-I have to be diplomatic here because I must give credit where credit is due: I have a lot of really close, important friends of mine who live in Los Angeles and a lot of good things in my life have happened to me in Los Angeles or have come from Los Angeles. That being said, it's too hot for me. The architecture is ugly. You can't walk anywhere. The food sucks. Everyone's carrying guns. It's like every time I go down there, the division between rich and poor becomes increasingly more and more marked until...Los Angeles seems to be up there with Bogotá in terms of cities where the super rich are as rich as anybody on Earth but they live in gated communities and have black SUVs driving them with bodyguards and then the rest of the people live in f*cking shanty towns. I've never seen it as bad as L.A. There's just no middle class. It's horrible.

    • Jay:(On filming "Tropic Thunder" in Hawaii) It was insane, man. I'm one of the few people on earth that hates hot weather, hates summertime so summertime in Hawaii already was a lot to contend with. Even if it was wonderful and we were on the beach the whole time I would have been miserable. We were at spots that everyone on the crew that was actually was from Hawaii said, "W are shooting in spots that 95 percent of all Hawaiians will never see" because we were in really, really remote spots. We would get picked up in the morning, it was an average half hour to 45 minute drive to base camp. Then we would get ready and it would be another 45 minutes from base camp to set. Usually we had to get there via any number of ATVs and all sorts of stuff. The fact that every location we shot at Ben scouted via helicopter, he was like, "That's where we should film. How do we get there?" They made infrastructure, they built bridges that aren't featured in the movie that were only practical. It was absolutely insane.

    • Jay:(On being friends with Seth Rogen) I think the thing that makes the most difference is the fact that I literally lived at his house for months on end and he used to cut my hair and he is one of my best friends that I've known since I was 18. He's been one of my closest friends out here. He is like one of the first people I ever knew out here. We are the same age and we are both Canadian so we just instantly kind of got together. We spent months and months and months on end just touring around in his car listening to Coast to Coast A.M. listening to Art Bell in L.A. at night time and watching movies so it is just an extension of our hanging out with somebody else footing the bill.

    • Jay:(About working with special effects on "Tropic Thunder") It was the greatest thing ever. Go back to the fact that I'm a film nerd and more to a point horror and action movies are it for me and I had every issue of Fangoria when I was in grade 11. I would buy it every week or month. I get gored f*cking open in this movie. I got the pressurized blood thing coming out here to squirt all over the place. It was cumbersome and inconvenient but the nerd in me was like, "This is pretty much the coolest." When I die, it was like there's nowhere to go from here. I've done everything I came here to do. I got gored open with blood all over the place screaming in a movie, there's nothing more for me to do.

    • Jay:(On landing a role in "Tropic Thunder") I don't live here so I often come down here and don't have a car and getting around with a taxi is quite a schlep and I remember this is the audition where I decided I was going to spend $60 and pay for a town car to take me and wait for me. I was like, "This is going to be pretty sh*tty if I blew $70 bucks and I don't even get the call back." No, I was close to doing a pilot for a TV show at the time and I auditioned and went to take a pee afterwards and Ben came up to me when I got out of the bathroom and said, "So, is this the kind of thing you would want to do?" I was like, "What the f*ck are you talking about? Of course this is the thing want to do. Are you crazy? You read the script." Then pretty much that was it, then I got in the town car and I think before I got home they were like, "They want you to go to Hawaii." I was like "Sweet, I'll be there." It was really, really easy. It was like half an hour worth of conversation and that was that.

    • Jay: I love Canada, but it is amazing that I always have to leave home to make movies. Almost for the duration of my career in the U.S., I haven't been able to get arrested back home. When I did Fetching Cody in Vancouver in 2005, I started blipping on Canada's radar, but it broke my heart not to be cast in more Canadian films since my heart literally has a maple leaf tattooed over it. If I had my druthers and I got to any level in my career where I could dictate where movies got shot, they would all be there.

    • Jay:(About "Justice League: Mortal") Well it's been postponed indefinitely. And it keeps getting postponed. And each time it gets postponed, the chances of it getting made seem to decrease...It's never been officially over. So there's always that. In a heartbeat I would drop whatever I had going on to do that. That movie and what I get to do in it is like nothing I've ever seen or would ever get a chance to do again.

    • Jay: I can't communicate to you how meaningful it is to be able to show up to work, be proud of what I'm doing, believe in what I'm doing.

    • Jay: If it wasn't for Undeclared I would have quit acting. At 17, I had, like, the worst year in my career - all I did was like two Chevrolet commercials in a whole year and I assumed that, 'Oh yes, well it's time to take all the money I made as a child actor, go to film school, and then I got hired on Undeclared. From Undeclared on, save one or a few titles, I have a resume that if I died tomorrow, I would be so happy and proud to leave behind.

    • Jay: Long before I had any business of being picky or discerning, I was. I remember I was 18 in Los Angeles, doing a TV show called 'Undeclared' and I was getting scripts, you know, for things to audition ... and I turned down auditions for 98 per cent of them ... From the very beginning I was like, 'No, I'm living in Montreal and I'm just not going to do movies that depress me.'

    • Jay:(On his rising career) It's just too surreal, man. There's only two adjectives I've come up with that even come close to describing what I went through - surreal and gargantuan.

    • Jay:(On his career goals) Yeah. Well, I don't-I try my best to not sort of-that will–the movies that I'm in will decide that. You know and I have to judge-the only thing I can-the only sort of semblance of a career plan I have is my little criteria, which is, you know is it going to be a fun movie to do and am I going to want to see it when it comes out? And if that means that it is a drama, if that means it's a comedy then so be it. I mean it's a lead or a supporting, so be it. I just want to be in movies that I would go see. Plain simple and that's worked for me so far because like basically the past five years worth of credits I have are all movies that I feel reflect me and who I am and my taste and what I like in movies. So, I don't know, I just like to be in movies that I like. That's plain and simple.

    • Jay:(On if he prefers comedy or drama) I mean, I liked them the same. I really get the same kind of excitement and kick out of doing both of them. I honestly, I truly enjoyed doing both of them. I guess comedy and I won't say that I like it more; the only thing that maybe might give it the edge is it is fun laughing at work all day. But I personally I do have like, I enjoy them equally.

    • Jay:(On how he got into acting) Well, basically I started when I was 12 years old in Montréal doing different Canadian children shows, which amounts to basically relative obscurity in terms of an American resume. And then when I was 17 I got cast in the movie Almost Famous and I did two scenes in that and then I went back home and basically had the worst year of acting in my career, where I did two Chevrolet commercials in 12 months. And that was it and I just basically I had figured that my kid acting career was over and I was just going to take the money I had saved and go to film school. And then one day I happened to be playing video games in my sister's room at home and the phone rings-our home phone and a lady gets on the phone and says, "Hi. It is so and so from Alice and Jones casting in Los Angeles and we are casting a show called The Untitled Jed Apatow Project. Would you like to audition? We saw you in Almost Famous. We think you'd be perfect for the lead." And I was like, "Yes. Of course I'd like to fucking audition," and so then I put myself on tape and then yeah. And then I've been out there. Working out here on and off for about eight years.