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    • Jay:(On how he got into acting) Well, basically I started when I was 12 years old in Montréal doing different Canadian children shows, which amounts to basically relative obscurity in terms of an American resume. And then when I was 17 I got cast in the movie Almost Famous and I did two scenes in that and then I went back home and basically had the worst year of acting in my career, where I did two Chevrolet commercials in 12 months. And that was it and I just basically I had figured that my kid acting career was over and I was just going to take the money I had saved and go to film school. And then one day I happened to be playing video games in my sister's room at home and the phone rings-our home phone and a lady gets on the phone and says, "Hi. It is so and so from Alice and Jones casting in Los Angeles and we are casting a show called The Untitled Jed Apatow Project. Would you like to audition? We saw you in Almost Famous. We think you'd be perfect for the lead." And I was like, "Yes. Of course I'd like to fucking audition," and so then I put myself on tape and then yeah. And then I've been out there. Working out here on and off for about eight years.