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    • Jay:(On his career goals) Yeah. Well, I don't-I try my best to not sort of-that will–the movies that I'm in will decide that. You know and I have to judge-the only thing I can-the only sort of semblance of a career plan I have is my little criteria, which is, you know is it going to be a fun movie to do and am I going to want to see it when it comes out? And if that means that it is a drama, if that means it's a comedy then so be it. I mean it's a lead or a supporting, so be it. I just want to be in movies that I would go see. Plain simple and that's worked for me so far because like basically the past five years worth of credits I have are all movies that I feel reflect me and who I am and my taste and what I like in movies. So, I don't know, I just like to be in movies that I like. That's plain and simple.