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    • Jay:(On filming "Tropic Thunder" in Hawaii) It was insane, man. I'm one of the few people on earth that hates hot weather, hates summertime so summertime in Hawaii already was a lot to contend with. Even if it was wonderful and we were on the beach the whole time I would have been miserable. We were at spots that everyone on the crew that was actually was from Hawaii said, "W are shooting in spots that 95 percent of all Hawaiians will never see" because we were in really, really remote spots. We would get picked up in the morning, it was an average half hour to 45 minute drive to base camp. Then we would get ready and it would be another 45 minutes from base camp to set. Usually we had to get there via any number of ATVs and all sorts of stuff. The fact that every location we shot at Ben scouted via helicopter, he was like, "That's where we should film. How do we get there?" They made infrastructure, they built bridges that aren't featured in the movie that were only practical. It was absolutely insane.