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    • Jay:(On living in LA) Man, there's a reason why you're calling me in Montreal. I don't love it. I really-I have to be diplomatic here because I must give credit where credit is due: I have a lot of really close, important friends of mine who live in Los Angeles and a lot of good things in my life have happened to me in Los Angeles or have come from Los Angeles. That being said, it's too hot for me. The architecture is ugly. You can't walk anywhere. The food sucks. Everyone's carrying guns. It's like every time I go down there, the division between rich and poor becomes increasingly more and more marked until...Los Angeles seems to be up there with Bogotá in terms of cities where the super rich are as rich as anybody on Earth but they live in gated communities and have black SUVs driving them with bodyguards and then the rest of the people live in f*cking shanty towns. I've never seen it as bad as L.A. There's just no middle class. It's horrible.