Jay Hammer

Jay Hammer


11/16/1945, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Charles Jay Hammer


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Actor Jay Hammer is best known for his work on the long running CBS soap opera Guiding Light where he played reporter "Fletcher Reade". Fans of the show The Jeffersons might also remember Jay as "Alan Willis", the son of interracial couple Tom and Helen Willis. While he…more


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    • Jay: When I was in California, I did two series back to back, The Blue Knight and The Jeffersons. When they ended I thought, 'Well, I'll be starring in my own series any day now.' You know the story; I couldn't get arrested.

    • Jay: (talking about his wife) I love Dene so much. Thinking about my life without her, without our child, doesn't sound like too much fun!

    • Jay: I was still writing when I first came on [Guiding Light] as Fletcher, and it made a lot of actors on the show uncomfortable. I don't blame them; it made me uncomfortable. They thought I was spying, taking things back to the head writer about their attitudes. I did both the writing and the acting for about three months, but then it got to be too much, so I quit writing.

    • Jay: (talking about Guiding Light) What these stories provide is a validation - because our viewers know where we are coming from, they know what has happened to us and they have felt those things with us and have shared those things with us... and sharing, that's the first thing we try to teach our children, how to share, how to cooperate, how to socially integrate themselves.

    • Jay: (about working on the show "Guiding Light") This is a wonderful atmosphere. I like everybody who works here. Shows like All My Children are always singled out as having well-defined characters, and they do, but at the risk of sounding like an ass, our characters are more real; they're on a more human scale.

    • Jay: Acting is the best part-time job a boy could have.