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    • Jay Harrington: Being a boy doing plays, there were certainly a lot more parts and a lot less of us, so I would get roles often. And it was not based on talent, trust me. When there are only six guys auditioning for something and 10 guy roles, you are going to get cast.

    • Jay Harrington: (on what drew him to be part of "Better Off Ted"; in a 2009 interview) I'd say it's the most original concept I ever read to date, where characters speak to the camera. I really like that [Ted] is a single dad raising a daughter in a corporate world that may not be in his moral agenda. But he had to do right [by his daughter]. And I was certainly attracted to that quality of the character and talking to the camera. Having the wackiness around was a lot of fun to play with each week.

    • Jay Harrington: (on what drew him into acting) Growing up my folks had a summer house on Cape Cod that was about a mile and a half from a children's theater. A lot of rainy days during the summer can happen and so there's no beach and there's no baseball or things to do, there was this theater that offered classes and did shows. I just kind of had a lot of fun doing it.

    • Jay Harrington: (on having been considered for an Emmy nomination for "Better Off Ted") With a grain of salt? The proverbial huge grain of salt? You know, it's appreciated, and it's incredible company to be in, but even just as a television viewer... I don't want to say it's not warranted, but let's just say I'm honored to even be mentioned.

    • Jay Harrington: I've had part-time jobs, not all of them in restaurants or bars. I worked in Boston for a spell and got on the train and Dunkin' Donuts every morning.

    • Jay Harrington: (about his process as an actor on a new project) Well, in the TV world, certainly the first thing and the most important thing to begin with is memorization and getting those words down that they've put down. I like to do the lines in my head or out loud or on paper so many times. You might blank here or there, but I just don't want to forget because I want to then be able to know how the character would emote those words.

    • Jay Harrington: (about his thoughts if in case "Better Off Ted" doesn't last long on air) I've been in this business long enough - this is not my first barbecue. Coupling was my first kind of big thing and that was hyped to the 10th degree. I'm older, wiser, I can take it as it goes. I'm not worried if it doesn't work out. I think I can still get a job, but I'd like it to be this one.

    • Jay Harrington: (on staying physically active) The older I get, I don't want to slow down. The exercise keeps me sharp, too. (For Ted,) I have a lot of lines to memorize and a lot of hours to shoot, so I want to stay as healthy as I can.