Jay Hernandez

Jay Hernandez


2/10/1978, Montebello, California, USA

Birth Name

Javier Hernandez Jr.


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Latin actor Jay Hernandez's movie success is tinged with sorrow because the man who guided his career died just as their dream was coming true. As his film Crazy/Beautiful was premiering in Hollywood, his manager and mentor Howard Tyner suddenly collapsed from a heart attack. He fell into…more


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    • Jay: When I first started, there was nothing. There were no Latin roles, and that's the only thing that they'll see you as unless you can convince them otherwise.

    • Jay (referring to the set of "American Family"): It was cool to be around that many Latinos, because when I'm on set it's usually white or whatever. It's no big deal, but to be around Mexicans and Latins, it's a little bit closer to family, more camaraderie. It's a different feeling, and it was cool to see that, and to realize that there actually is a part of Hollywood that is Latin.

    • Jay (on meeting his future agent Hunter Tyner): My parents and I were in this elevator in Hollywood. The door was just closing when this guy squeezed in. We rode for a couple of floors together when he asked if I'd ever considered modeling or acting.

    • Jay (on his "Crazy/Beautiful" co-star): Here I am starring with the girl from Interview with the Vampire and Bring it On. I was really intimidated by the thought of acting opposite her. She was so generous and helpful. I know she could tell how nervous I was. She said if there was ever anything she could help me with or that I wanted to know not to hesitate asking her. Just knowing she was there for me put me at ease. We have a lot of intimate scenes together and Kirsten said I made her feel comfortable doing them. That meant so much to me coming from a person whose work I respect so highly.