Jay Hernandez





2/10/1978 , Montebello, California, USA

Birth Name

Javier Hernandez Jr.




Latin actor Jay Hernandez's movie success is tinged with sorrow because the man who guided his career died just as their dream was coming true. As his film Crazy/Beautiful was premiering in Hollywood, his manager and mentor Howard Tyner suddenly collapsed from a heart attack. He fell into a coma and died two weeks later, leaving Hernandez heartbroken. The 21-year-old star explains, "There are so many things going through my head. I keep hearing his words. He has been more than my manager - he's like a part of my family." Tyner discovered the Mexican-American actor three years ago in an elevator. He enrolled Hernandez into acting school and sent his pictures to casting agents. Then Hernandez hit success with his role opposite of actress Kirsten Dunst. Now he faces the future without his friend to show him the way. But he is remaining positive and staying focused on his own real-life goals - especially making Tyner proud. He says, "It's all about doing the right films and choosing the right roles."
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