Jay Kenneth Johnson

Jay Kenneth Johnson


2/24/1977, Springfield, Missouri, USA



Birth Name

Jay Kenneth Johnson



Also Known As

Jay Johnson
  • Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip Kiriakis o...
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Jay Kenneth Johnson was born in Springfield, Missouri on February 24, 1977 to parents Janice and Ken Johnson. He knew while he was growing up that he would either become an actor or a professional athlete, but once he attended college at Southwest Missouri State, where he majored…more


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    • Jay Kenneth Johnson: (On the series finale of 'The Sopranos') I liked it. I thought it was great... I think Tony was shot, because when he was sitting in the boat with Bobby, Tony said, "When you get shot, everything goes black," and that's what happened.

    • Jay Kenneth Johnson: Playing football is similar to acting in a lot of ways. In both of them, you've got to be creative and work well with others. They also both take a tremendous amount of concentration while performing in front of the crowds. You get a rush of adrenaline when you hear the crowd roar during a ball game. It's the same with acting.

  • Have you seen this gorgeous man??

    Okay, so he's gorgeous and talented. Couldn't you just get totally lost in those dimples?? He's such a hottie.

    Plus, his character of Philip Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives is totally great. He's so sweet with Belle and as long as he isn't trying to take Claire away, he's really charming too. Plus, it's great that he still cares about Claire, even though she isn't his. I just have to wonder about Philip's child with Mimi. Will it get the same treatment? It is still a Kiriakis, after all.

    When I look at him I first see looks, and believe me, that' not bad, but Jay also seems like a really charming guy. Especially according to Martha Madison..

    I love him!moreless
  • Jay Kenneth Johnson is so cool. He is my favourite actor and he is just sooo hot.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson is so cool. He is my favourite actor and he is just sooo hot.

    Jay was so good on Days of our Lives as Philip Kiriakis, no one can ever play philip as good as him. Days just isn't the same without him. He is a great actor with the cutest smile.

    Ever since i saw him on Days of our Lives i've been a huge fan. He also does a brilliant job in North Shore as Chris Remsen, its so sad that it ended, it was such a good show.

    He is the best and soooo hot.moreless