Jay Kogen





5/3/1963 , Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jay Steven Kogen




Jay Kogen, son of award winning TV comedy writer Arnie Kogen, was born in Brooklyn and raised in Los Angeles. He began as a stand-up comedian and an actor with small roles on "The Bob Newhart ShowNewhartThe Bronx Zoo," and It's Garry Shandling's Show. While studying philosophy at UCLA, he joined The Groundlings, an improvisational sketch comedy troupe in Hollywood. In 1987, Jay and Wallace Wolodarsky, an old high school friend, started writing as a team. They became staff writers on the critically acclaimed The Tracey Ullman Show where, in four seasons, they rose to producers and won their first Emmy award. In 1989, concurrently with The Tracey Ullman Show Jay and Wallace started working on The Simpsons. They became supervising producers and worked on the show for four seasons. The show became wildly popular and won them another Emmy award. In 1992, Jay and Wallace began three year stint at universal studios developing their own shows, none of which got on the air. However Jay also used this time to write several movies, one of which was The Wrong Guys. Jay, along with Dave Foley and Dave Higgins, wrote the movie in the summer of 1994 as a starring vehicle for Foley for whom he wrote several TV pilots. Jay went on to write and co-executive produced The Single Guy And help create a short lived series for Bunk Bed Brothers. From 1997 to 2000 wrote and co-executive produced Frasier winning two more Emmy Awards, one for best writing on the episode Merry Christmas Mrs. Moskowitz as well as winning a Humanitas Award for Dr. Mary. He has been spending the last two years writing and producing pilots and the main thing he produced with his wife, writer Brown Mandell, was their son Charles. In 2003, Jay wrote an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond is consulted on George Lopez for ABC and Wanda At Large for Fox. He most recently made a pilot for the WB and looks forward to learning how to work his Tivo.