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  • Howard Stern Asks David Letterman About Jay Leno



    Howard wants to know if Jay's coming.
  • Here's Jay Leno!



    "Your first 'Tonight Show' is kind of like your first girl, you know?" That's how Jay Leno described the first time he appeared on the Tonight stage as host. "You weren't very good, but you never forget it." Steve Kroft profiles Leno who had to rise above early rejection to make it in show business.moreless
  • Is Jay Leno on the chopping block again?



    With low ratings in the most important demographic, Jay Leno may be on his way out at "The Tonight Show," to replaced by Jimmy Fallon. Mike Hogan of the Huffington Post gives us details.moreless
  • the new Jay Leno?



    Jay Leno is reportedly out as host of the "Tonight Show" and Jimmy Fallon is in - a change that could happen next year. Carter Evans reports.
  • Late Show (Part 2)

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 11 - 9/13/12

    Part 2 of 3. Louie begins a journey to figure some things out.

  • Timmy's Secret Wish

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 4 - 11/23/11

    Timmy makes his millionth wish, and his celebration of it in Fairy World turns into a trail when reviewing all his wishes that backfired on him puts him on trial as the worst godkid ever.

  • Letterman on break-in: Jay Leno has an alibi



    "Late Show" host David Letterman joked about the break-in to the theater where the show is taped. Jeff Glor reports.
  • I'll Always Remember You, Part One

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 11/7/10

    Jesse rejects Miley after the Hannah secret interferes with his life.
  • Jay Leno Plays the Victim



    Maggie Rodriguez spoke with comedian Andy Borowitz about Oprah Winfrey's interview with Jay Leno where he defended himself against negative press.
  • August 21st, 2009

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 24 - 8/21/09

    Rated: TV-MA for Adult Content (AC) and Adult Language (AL) Tonight's episode is Live from L.A. Bill's panel members are: * Journalist Chuck Todd. * Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). * Comic Jay Leno. Bill's other guests are: * Author Sam Harris. * Journalist Jeremy Scahill.moreless
  • Series 13 Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 13 : Ep 7 - 8/2/09

    Jeremy and James attempt to create an advertisement for Volkswagen without falling out with each other or blowing up some sheep. Richard drives the Holden Maloo and the Vauxhall VR8 Bathurst. Jeremy drives the new 510bhp, 6.0 litre, V12 Aston Martin Vantage, but it makes him rather sad...

    Jay Leno is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

    Top Gear returns in November.moreless
  • Drive

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 1 - 7/12/09

    Vince prepares for his driving test and a guest spot on Jay Leno. Eric considers moving into a house that a friend of Sloan's is subletting. Lloyd begs Ari for a promotion.
  • We Love You, Conrad

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 14 - 5/3/09

    Brian is devastated to learn that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married until he meets The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Though Brian begins to think he and Conrad are the perfect match, he finds his heart may still belong to Jillian.moreless
  • NBC: Jay Leno at 10



    Watch this ad from Super Bowl XLIII
  • Series 12 Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 7 - 12/14/08

    A battery-powered supercar? Such a thing does exist - it's called a Tesla and Jeremy drives it on the track. James also forsakes the petrol engine this week to drive the hydrogen-powered Honda Clarity in California.

    Richard celebrates the 50th year of British Touring Cars and Sir Tom Jones is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Vicky Gets Fired / Chinred Spirits

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 18 - 11/30/08

    Vicky Gets Fired- Despite all the ways Vicky has tortured Timmy, it's only when she
    accidentally erases a videotape that Mom and Dad actually fire her.
    Determined to get a job, Vicky decides she wants to be mayor and takes
    over the city. As she's ready to make Vickyville a whole new country,
    Timmy, who's happy for the first time, realizes he's got to get Vicky
    out of office and back as his babysitter in order to maintain peace. Chinred Spirits- Timmy's disappointed to see how boring the Crimson Chin comics have
    become lately. When he spends a day with the Chin, he sees why - the
    Chin is lonely. Timmy wishes up a super girlfriend for him, except
    now the comic is both boring and romantic, yuck! Desperate, Timmy
    unknowingly makes a wish that changes everything, so he must undo his
    wish - and fast.
  • The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinator (TV MOVIE)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 20 - 7/21/06

    Timmy wants to become friends with Jimmy Neutron. While they are friends, they battle each other's enemies, and they create a new villian that they don't like. So they abandon him, but that makes him super evil now, and he takes Cosmo and Wanda's wands and Jimmy's brains. Now it's up to Jimmy and Timmy to solve the problem they got into.moreless
  • Patriot Games

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 20 - 1/29/06

    At his high school reunion, Peter tries to impress his fellow classmates. When Peter, heading for the bathroom, charges through the crowd of people, he impresses quarterback Tom Brady, who offers Peter a spot on the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Brian owes Stewie money, after Stewie becomes a sports bookie.moreless
  • Valerie Does Another Classic Leno

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 9/4/05

    Valerie prepares for the premiere of her reality series "The Comeback" by planning a viewing party for the big event and making an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".
  • The Masked Magician / The Big Bash

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 9 - 2/18/05

    The Masked Magician
    Timmy becomes a super hero called " The Masked Magician!" Mr. Bickles gets mad at Timmy and becomes his arch-enemy.

    The Big Bash
    Timmy and Remy get in a hunt, and the winner gets a few rule-free wishes. If Remy wins, Timmy will lose his godparents, and Wandisimo gets Wanda.moreless
  • Lance Armstrong Bike 2

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 10/4/04

    The Tour de France is in its final stages as work continues on Lance Armstrong's Livestrong bike. With their deadline looming, the team struggles to put the finishing touches on the exhaust system in time to get the chopper to Justin and Nub Grafix for paint. But when the bike returns, engine problems linger, putting the pressure on Junior to fix the mystery problem before OCC presents the gift to Lance on The Tonight Show.moreless
  • Lights! Camera! Adam!/A Bad Case of Diary-Uh

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 3 - 6/1/04

    Lights! Camera! Adam!:
    Timmy is an stunt-boy in the Crimson Chin movie where he uncovers a plot to discredit the Chin.

    A Bad Case of Diary-Uh:
    Timmy wishes that he could read Vicky's diary so that he can use her secrets against her.


  • Leno Bike 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 27 - 3/1/04

    It's crunch time for OCC as they press to complete fabrication and assembly on the Leno Bike project, but when thicker-than-usual powdercoat slows down Paul Jr. and Vinnie's progress, can they get the bike finished in time for its Tonight Show debut?moreless
  • Leno Bike 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 26 - 2/23/04

    The Teutuls go Hollywood when Tonight Show host Jay Leno commissions a modern version of his favorite classic bike: the 1939 Brough Superior. But back at OCC, the excitement fades when Paulie discovers that the bike's frame is too small to accommodate the oil tank. And when the motor and wheels arrive late, it creates a host of technical difficulties that threaten to put the Leno Bike on hiatus.moreless
  • The Big Superhero Wish

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 7 - 2/16/04

    In another case of "Be careful what you wish for," Timmy wishes the world was more like a Crimson Chin comic book, and Cosmo and Wanda turn him and all his friends into superheroes!moreless
  • Crime Wave / Odd Ball

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 15 - 10/10/03

    Crime Wave:
    At Timmy's request, Cosmo and Wanda poof him out of his tub, so he doesn't have to take a bath. However, they forget to dress him first! Simultaneously, the comic book Timmy was going to read slips into the water, powering the Crimson Chin's arch-enemy H2Olga!

    Odd Ball:
    A mere 36 hours after Timmy gets a new video game for his V-Cube, the system breaks! To earn enough money to buy a new V-Cube, he works as ball boy for Dimmsdale's Ball Hogs, the selfish basketball team that never wins. If Timmy can't convince them to share, they'll move to Alaska and Timmy will never replace his V-Cube.moreless
  • The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad / Engine Blocked

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 5/9/03

    The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad:
    Timmy wishes that he and his parents were superheroes in order to fight the Crimson Chin's arch enemy, The Nega Chin, whom Timmy accidentally wishes into our world.

    Engine Blocked:
    Dad and Timmy by a new sportscar, but Dad spends too much time with it, not spending any time with Timmy. So Timmy wishes he was his dad's sportscar.moreless
  • My Own Private Practice Guy

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 17 - 3/13/03

    A personal secret of Dr. Cox is revealed during hospital visitations by a cocky M.D., who establishes a rapport with J.D.
  • Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary / Nectar of the Odds

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 9/13/02

    Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary:
    Timmy gets really annoyed when a rich kid comes in showing off his money. He can't get away from him. Not even in a Crimson Chin comic book! How? He has a fairy godparent, that's how. And he's Wanda's ex-boyfriend! Now they are called into a fairy duel!
    Nectar of the Odds:
    Timmy needs to raise money for tickets to see Crash Nebula on Ice, so he starts a lemonade stand. But his lemondate tastes terrible! That's when Cosmo, stupidly, puts his sweaty socks into a glass. Believe it or not, it accually made the lemonate taste alot better! But the lemonade is granting everyone's wishes!moreless
  • Boy Toy / Inspection Detection

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 3/8/02

    Boy Toy:
    Timmy wishes to be able to play with his Crimson Chin doll one last time. He is made doll- and the Chin doll is brought to life. Together, they must rescue Cosmo and Wanda from his evil babysitter, while trying not to hurt the feelings of Tootie too much.

    Inspection Detection:
    Someone is shoplifting in Wall 2 Wall Mart. Timmy tries to prove to his parents that he's innocent, while at the same time help his fairies pass the Fairy Inspection.
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