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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Jay Mariotti (born 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a regular panelist on ESPN's sports talk show Around the Horn. He occasionally takes the place of Tony Kornheiser as a guest host on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption. He attended Ohio University, in Athens, OH. Mariotti began writing for the Sun-Times in the summer of 1991.

In January 2004, Chicago's ESPN 1000 replaced Tony Kornheiser's once-nationally syndicated show for a show starring Mariotti. Kornheiser was unhappy about this and has hinted at some behind-the-scenes smugness on Mariotti's account after this switch took place. The feud between the two sports journalists seems to be one-sided in the public eye, with Kornheiser frequently stating how he can't stand Mariotti both on Pardon the Interruption and on his Washington, DC area radio program while Mariotti has referred to the feud as non-existent.

Mariotti's on-air rivalry with Around The Horn co-star Woody Paige is based off of a real-life dispute they had in the early-to-mid '90s, when both panelists worked for the Denver Post, resulting in Mariotti's leaving. The two have apparently settled their differences, and their "feud" on the show is mostly in jest.

Mariotti also has an on-going feud with Chicago White Sox television announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson. After a White Sox game in the late 1990s, Harrelson entered the press box to confront Mariotti about a column he had written. The two exchanged words and have been feuding ever since.

Mariotti also has a beef with Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Bulls and White Sox, as he is highly critical of him. In June 2005, Mariotti sued Reinsdorf because Reinsdorf was angry at comments Mariotti wrote about how the contract negotations on an extension for Scott Skiles, head coach of the Chicago Bulls were handled.