Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr


8/23/1970, Verona, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Jon Ferguson Mohr


  • The cast of Gary Unmarried.
  • Jay Mohr as Gary Brooks on Gary Unmarried.
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Jay Mohr is an American TV and film actor, stand-up comedian, and sports analyst. His father is Jon Mohr, a marketing executive. His mother is Jean Mohr, a nurse. He has two sisters, Julia and Virginia. Jay considers his grandfather, Red to be his hero. In 1988, he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He is pretty funny, Most of the time. He usually makes a show better.

    He should go back to hosting Last Comic Standing, the last guy was alright but wasn't a stand up, at least wasn't as comfortable as Jay Mohr is with telling jokes, and hosting a show. I didn't care for his character on thet Ghost Whisper show, I have seen it a couple of times, but I could care less about your political opinions so don't tell me about them. That was the writers probably not him. I liked him also in the movies, like Mafia, Jerry Mcguire, and even in Go, which was an alright movie. He can play the bad guy or the good guy, and definitely can play comedic roles.moreless
  • he is the reason why ghost whisperer is now my fav show!

    he is the reason why ghost whisperer is now my fav show! Jay Mohr is just so friggin awsome. i luv everything about him. hes funny, a great actor, and he actually gave "life" to CBS's hit drama ghost whisperer, wich is, now, my fav show. Hes is the best actor, (no ofense, Jennifer Love Hewitt fans)i wish i could turn back time and make him the role of Jim Clancy, the main character Melinda Gordon's (JLH) husband, played by david conrad. conrad brings the role to deep depresion. a kirky guy like Jay would rlly spice up the show. well, i wish him the best of luck on his new show. but im gonna miss him on gw!moreless