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  • Plays a conflicted person so convincingly in Surface.

    One of the main roles of Surface is Richard Owen, played by Jay Ferguson. Jay's portrayal of the deranged character Rich Owen is so genuine. He pulls off this role so well, it's almost like his not faking it. His role's disturbed personality is so integral to the plot of the show, that it wouldn't function well without him. Jay pulls off this role with such a charm that we end up liking his somewhat quirky character. Rich goes to various emotional states throughout the show, Jay does it with no problem, he makes this character really believable. Jay helps a lot making this show really entertaining.
  • great

    he has done a great job on Surface, I absolutely love the role of Rich, he was able to convey so many levels of just doing what he felt was right, and gave up so much, it will be a real shame if we don't get to finish this story arc.. I want to find more roles of his and see him in differant settings
  • Where did this southern hottie come from? Dallas, of course. This cowboy will "surface" as THE talent to watch on a so-so show with a preposterous premise. Hi, Jay, how are you? Please don't go away!

    Ok. First things first.
    There's only one word to describe Mr. Ferguson: WOOF!
    What's not to like about him? He's cute, cuddly, and that accent's sexy, too.
    And he's a natural. He's far more talented than most of the actors on Surface, and I hope the show stays on the air a while longer, because he - and Carter Jenkins who plays Miles - are the only 2 reasons to bother watching.
    Rich is a good-ole-boy with heart to spare, a huge truck, and ISN'T wearing a Stetson! Not all southerners do, and NBC was kind enough to allow it. Thank you.
    As for Miles, I hope he finally meets the other 2 main characters soon. It's getting silly that he hasn't.

    The show's premise is preposterous, even after suspension of disbelief, yet we still watch, and it's mostly due to Mr. Ferguson. He, at least, has some depth.