Jay Thomas





7/12/1948 , Kermit, Texas, USA



Birth Name

Jon Thomas Terrell




Jon Thomas Terrell was born on July 12, 1948 in the small town of Kermit, Texas to T. Harry Terrell Sr. (a World War II Veteran) and Katharine "Kathy" Guzzino Terrell. His only other sibling was an older brother named Timothy Terrell, Jr. He attended Bienville Elementary, Francis Gregory Junior High and graduated from Jesuit High School in New Orleans. Jon won his first award for being an emcee at a Jesuit High School talent show. He attended Gulf Coast Junior College where he had an interest in radio. He later went to University of North Carolina which he graduated from. His early career began in radio. He got his first Dj job in Jacksonville, FL. Jon pursed his acting career finally landing a role in Mork and Mindy as Remo Divinci, he also had small parts in many TV shows including "The Love Boat." He is best known for his role on "Cheers" as Carla's ice hockey playing husband. He won an emmy award for portraying Jerry Gold in TV's "Murphy Brown." He had two TV shows "Married People" with Beth Armstrong and "Love and War" with Susan Dey and later Annie Potts. He currently works as a radio DJ in New York City but resides in Conneticut with his wife and two sons. He got the name Jay Thomas by using the first inital of his first name and his middle name. /IMDB.com/