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  • Has a lot to rap about

    He comes off hardcore in his songs, but his performances don't hold up to the vibe you get unless you really listen to his lyrics. His colloboration choices are good, and he's unique. Good stage presence, but could be better.
  • one of the greatest of all time

    i listed to rap from the 90s and listed to rap from the 80s so i have listend to alot of rap. jay z is one of the all time greats he has sold muliple platium alubms and owns part of a basketball team and clothing line and has a done so much for rap. he has made countless good songs and has made hundreads of millions of dollars. and his stlye of rap music brings me back to the B.I.G days he respected the notorious as being the best mc. but i do think jay z is up there in the top 2 of the list of the greastest mcs
  • Jay-z is the Greatest Of All Time and there ain't even any competition!He destroyed Nas and 2Pac in rap battles. Now ll wants a piece of the real GOAT, he'll get embarrassed just like Jay did to Pac!

    Jay-z has always been the most gifted mc to ever be in front of a mic. He has completely dominated mc's that have battled him. Nas was torchered by Jay, and Jay even destroyed Pac a a rap battle!.Pac was destroyed so bad he couldn't even come back with anything! 50 cent was embarrassed and completely shattered by Jay-z's lyrics. Jay completely mastered this bum 50 and brought him to his knees! He provided no competition and served only as Jay-z's verbal punching bag! LL already tried to battle Jay and he got embarrassed!In a rematch, Jay-z would kill ll's career and put him to shame. We all saw how Jay wrecked Nas and destroyed his career. LL would get the same. Jay told him he would give him a few passes before he destroys him. Well it's time to crush and destroy ll's career. Jay is gonna seriously put a major beating on l and make him look like an amature. This would be a total mismatch, with Jay bringing ll to his knees begging for mercy. Jay would humiliate ll and end his career for good. Lyrically Jay would break cool j in half! In a fight Jay would cave l's face in and pound him into submission and make it look easy. I herd they fought one time before back in a NY club and Jay busted up LL and left him layed out cold! ll is flat out inferior to Jay-z,and should get on his hands and knees and beg Jay not to turn this overated love song bum into dust! LL can't do one thing better than Jay-z. Jay is the real GOAT and no one can compete with him! He is the greatest artist that the world has ever known! Jay is harder, more talented, sexier, got the better looking women, richer, more successful, and way better looking and dress better than cool J. Jay-z owns every rapper including ll!Jay should have a show and call it "I own every emcee including ll!"
  • I'm not convinced! BUT I respect the "jigga-man"!

    Most people will dismiss my opinion and flat out disagree with me but I do not like Jay-Z's style of rap. I'll listen to anybody provided they have something noteworthy to say, Jay-Z is not that kind of rapper. Jay-Z hype began in the 90's and by the time I got around to hearing him spin/spit it was commerical and I often got confused between him and P-Diddy after all they have the same MO.I think Jay-Z is an over-rated rapper but a hell of a hustler and businessman. I respect him as he has achieved quite a lot outside of rap, a successful label and a clothing line -there is no denying that Jay-Z knows how to promote and sell. But I have no respect for him as a rapper.
  • I don't just think Jay-Z is one of the all-time greats; I think he is the greatest MC of all time.

    Jay-Z is amazingly talented, lyrically gifted and I love his music. The man is a magician on the mike. His flow is just...hot. In my opinion, Jay-Z is the best hip-hop artist of all time. I think that Tupac is a close second. A very close second. Jay's music is real, about his life, and struck a cord with me. He is a little arrogant but he has a right to be. There was a time when he couldn't get a deal, had to create Roc-A-Fella records to put his music out there. Now he is a hip-hop heavy hitter.

    Jay-Z is not just a rapper anymore. He is a businessman. He was the CEO of Rocawear clothing, which he sold. He is the president of Defjam. He has endorsement deals of all kinds. On top of that, Jay is part owner of the NJ Nets and owns 40/40 clubs. I love everything about Jay-Z. I am constantly impressed by what he's done. He has been an inspiration to me. He made it from hustling on the streets to living his dreams. This man is a genius.
  • In my opinion,the best rapper....ever

    Jay-Z(AKA. Jigga Man,Hova, Young Hova) reigned over the New York rap scene throughout the late '90s and early 2000s and steadily built up the Roc-a-Fella Records dynasty in the process. The Brooklyn rapper made his splash debut "Reasonable Doubt"(One of Hip-Hops Greatest Albums) in 1996 and cranked out album after album and hit after hit throughout the decade and into the next.On Jay-Z critcly aclaimed 5th album "The Blueprint",Hova made one of the most well-known diss tracks with "Takeover",a diss to queensbridge rappers Nas and Mobb Depp.Jay-Z became so successful that Roc-a-Fella, the record label he began with Damon Dash, became a marketable brand itself, spawning a lucrative clothing line (Roca Wear). It also sparked the carrers of rappers Beanie Sigel,Memphis Bleek,Young Gunz,Peedi Crack,The Diplomats and many others.He claims His latest album "The Black Album",is his last album,so that he could stick to being the President of Def Jam Records and doing guest apperences on other MCS albums.

  • Greatest rapper ever.

    This man should win 50 awards. He showed the rap game a different side. We need more people like him. 50 Cent tries to rap against Jay-Z and thinks he might win. In a song called that Jay-Z made dissing 50 Cent called "That's Hot" Jay-Z ripped him to shreds. The only nice rappers out right now is.
    1) T.I.
    2) Cassidy (I pray he gets out)
    3) Ludacris
    4) Paul Wall (Nice For A South Rapper)
    5) Kanye West
    6) Young Gunz
    7) Jadakiss
    8) Fat Joe
    9) Young Buck & Lloyd Banks (They Should Get Off G-Unit)
    10) Remmy Martin
    11) The Whole Diplomat Crew
    12) Eminem
    13) The Game
    14) & others