Jaye P. Morgan

Jaye P. Morgan


12/3/1931, Mancos, Colorado

Birth Name

Mary Margaret Morgan



Also Known As

J.P. Morgan, J. P. Morgan
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Jaye P. began her career at the ripe old age of three, performing with her family in their vaudeville act, "The Morgan Family". After she graduated from high school she was hired by the Frank DeVol Orchestra in 1950, where she was the vocalist for 3 years and…more


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  • Funny and a foul mouth!

    I admit that she was a foul mouth as my mom would say but still, without her, there would perhaps be no Gong show as she added to the fun as well as despite being the way that she was. She got in huge trouble for taking off her top with tv was taboo in the seventies. But still nonetheless fun!
  • I fell in love with her in the 1970's.

    I grew up in the 1970's and what I remembered the most about watching television was "The Gong Show." I fell in love with one of the judges on the show. Her name iwas Jaye P. Morgan. One of the best reasons why I watch that show is because of her. I fell in love with her because of the cloathes, but because of her hairstyle. She was a hot woman back then. After "The Gong Show" was cancelled in 1980, I didn't see her again. she has just vanished from my life. Today, I was wondering what she's doing today. Whatever it is, I wish her a great sucess.moreless