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  • good actress...

    I've seen Jayne Atkinson both on 24 and on Criminal Minds. She played very similar characters on both. On 24, she was the national security advisor. On Criminal Minds, she's the head chief, but she's more of an antagonist in this show. She did a great job on both shows. I would like to see some variety, but I'm sure she's played in different roles that I haven't seen yet. However, she plays the boss very well. Overall, a very talented actress. Her career seems to be taking off and I hope to see her in more shows and maybe some movies.
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    I thought her performance on 24 was better then average. For some reason people see a woman in the white house, in any position, and there thought is to think negitive. I thought that she did a very good job on 24, but I do think that the writers made a mistake in writing her out for a handful of episodes. I thought that there were a lot of people on the show who desevred to be cut out way mroe then she did.

    Either way - looking back on the terrible season that was season 6 of 24, Jayne was one of the better parts of the season as a whole. She also had a great chemistry with her husband who was all the way on the other side of the country in Bill.