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    • Jayne Atkinson: When I look at what I've done over the years, I've gotten to explore the depth and the height of the human emotion and experience, and I don't feel drawn to anything. I'd like to play a blonde bimbo who gets smart. And I love to do comedy. I'll tell you what I would love to do: I would love to do a sort of variety, song and dance act with Alice Ripley and Karen Ziemba. I would love to do some kind of girl show where we would sing and dance and be silly because I can do those things and nobody knows.

    • Jayne Atkinson: My parents are both English, and they still have their accents, so I've heard it all my life and grew up with the sound of England and jokes of England. It's sort of definitely my milieu.

    • Jayne Atkinson: (on her husband, Michael Gill) It was a similar thing with something in my soul knew that he was the guy for me and that I was not in the place that I needed to be in as a human being.

    • Jayne Atkinson: When they put a show up, everyone has an eye on the awards because it helps a show, obviously, so you can't really be too insulated. You have to sort of know that's a possibility. So I was made aware very early that I was one of the horses in the running.

    • Jayne Atkinson: So far it's been a dream. Everybody is intelligent and smart and larger than life and you need all of those qualities. And not polite--everybody is really speaking their mind.