JB Blanc





2/13/1969 , Paris, France

Birth Name

Jean-Benoit Blanc




JB Blanc was born in Paris France. His mother is English and his father is French. He moved with his mother to Yorkshire, England when he was four, and he attended and graduated from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1990.

He worked in theater in Britain for more than 15 years, including a three-year period at the London's Royal National Theater. His work varied from modern theater to works of Shakespeare.

His film career started with his role as Luigi Vampa in the 2002 movie, The Count of Monte Cristo. Following that, he moved to Las Angeles, where he currently resides. Since then, he has played small roles in many movies and TV shows. Not only is he an actor, he is also a highly accomplished voice actor, and his voice is used in many films, animations, video games and commercials.