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    • JB Smoove was a writer for Saturday Night Live for 60 episodes, beginning in the year 2003 and ending in 2007.

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    • JB Smoove: (When asked what he is doing to conquer the world) I'm just doing little teeny things, just laying a foundation. See, people don't understand you got to lay the foundation early. You got to start by doing little things if your quest is to take over the world. Right now, I'm trying to keep Visa and MasterCard off my back. You need to get those things taken care of, like keeping the trash emptied and keeping your clothes and laundry clean. You don't want to take the world over with a whole hamper full of dirty clothes. That's the one thing I think people overlook, all the time, is filthy, dirty boxers.

    • JB Smoove: (Answering the question 'Would you do whatever it takes to win a political election?') Hell yeah!!! These cats will do anything to win! If I was running I'd do damn near what I gotta do to win that damn election, man. I'm a mudslinger, man. I believe in slinging that mud! You know what that means? If I find out something about you, I'm gonna lay it out there!

    • JB Smoove: (Explaining how he 'keeps it real') Keep it real by being straight forward. Don't pull no punches on people. It's better to tell somebody than just lollygag around, letting them think they're living their life the right way. Because some people don't know what the hell they're doing, they don't know if they're living the right way or making the right decisions. Some people don't know that. You got the smartest person in the world but there is a whole lot of different kinds of smarts. There's book smart, there is street smart, there's relationship smart, there's too many different kinds of smarts to know all of them. Everybody doesn't know every kind of smart. There's money smart, there's movie smart, there's computer smart. There's just too many different kinds of smarts for people to know all the smarts.

    • JB Smoove: (Comparing his character Kenny on Til Death to his character Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm) Kenny's closer to me. He likes to roller-skate and have fun and go to strip clubs. Leon looks out for people who look out for him, that's how Leon rolls.