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JC Chasez

JC Chasez


8/8/1976, Washington, D.C.

Birth Name

Joshua Scott Chasez


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JC is best known as one of the five members of the popular boy band *NSYNC. JC was "discovered" in his stint on "The Mickey Mouse Club" with future bandmate Justin Timberlake. JC has written and produced many of *NSYNC's songs. JC recorded a solo album. His debut…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • JC's first concert was an MC Hammer concert.

    • JC's first kiss was in first grade during a game of kiss tag, where he received a "soap opera kiss" in the schoolyard.

    • If JC could be anyone in the world for just one day, he would be the Invisible Man. So he could go anywhere and hear everything.

    • As a child, JC dreamed of becoming a carpenter or architect.

    • JC counts "sleeping" as one of his hobbies.

    • One of JC's biggest fears is getting a shot.

    • JC is said to be a bit of a diva. He's been known to try to pick up girls, and cite his wealth and fame as a reason they should want to be with him.

    • Since his break-up with Eva Longoria, JC has reportedly been trying to woo her Desperate Housewives cast-mate Teri Hatcher.

    • JC dated J-14 and In Touch Magazine writer Bobbee Thomas for two years. He has also dated actress Tara Reid, singer (and former MMCer Nikki DeLoach, and most recently, actress Eva Longoria.

    • JC's debut solo album, Schizophrenic, was released January 27, 2004. It was met with miserable reviews, and didn't come close to fellow *NSYNCer Justin Timberlake's success with his solo album, Justified.

    • JC made an unreleased bonus track from his debut solo album available for download at Music Freedom. The track is called "Slept with My Best Friend."

    • JC lists his favorite television show as Trading Spaces.

  • Quotes

    • JC: I was 5 or 6 when I got my first kiss. I was in first grade I think and it was recess. These girls were playing kiss tag and they pinned me and I got kissed. My first mouth kiss was called a soap opera kiss.

    • JC: (on underwear) I wear them once and throw them out. I'm just so used to throwing them out that I wouldn't even think of washing them.

    • JC: I like a girl who maintains herself but isn't arrogant. I like a girl who is understanding and makes me laugh.

    • JC: Shitty--that's my nickname for everybody. It's a nice thing to say, believe it or not.

    • JC: If I'm into a girl, I'll take her on romantic dates to see plays. I've even been known to serenade a girl with a song I've written especially for her.

    • JC: One of my favorite things to say is: 'What's up, fuckers?'

    • JC: A person's private life should be just that: private. People have a right to privacy. I don't think that just because someone is famous it gives others the right to pry into their personal affairs.

    • JC: It's hard not to like me.

    • JC: The nurse came in, and I thought it was shot time. She broke out this thing, and I didn't know what it was. I thought it was the needle, so I just yelled and ran out the door. The other guys started laughing so hard. They were like, 'Come back! it's just the thermometer!' I was so humiliated. But needles invading your body, I don't like it!

    • JC: I'm not lookin' for love, honey... I need a break!

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