Jean Carson





2/28/1925 , Charleston,West Virginia

Birth Name




JEAN's parents were ALEXANDER and SADIE LEETE. Through her mother she is related to WILLIAM LEETE, who was the first Governor of the Colony of Connecticut. Wanting to be on BROADWAY, she studied dance and trained at Carnegie Tech. Her BROADWAY debut was in GEORGE S. KAUFMAN/EDNA FERBER's "BRAVO", for which she won the prestigious THEATER WORLD AWARD. She was nominated for, but did not receive a TONY AWARD in 1949 as "Most Promising Newcomer" for BIRD CAGE. Her other BROADWAY credits include: ANNIVERSARY WALTZ, METROPOLE and TWO BLIND MICE. Said in a interview that her voice had always been raspy, its not from smoking.

She was in several movies with I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE probably being her most memorable by fans. JEAN said, "I was always kind of typed. I'm what you call a 'second woman' or 'second tomato.' They never get the man."

JEAN played in various TV shows in the 50's and 60's. One of her best roles was as, "Hello Doll!" DAPHNE, who with her friend SKIPPY (JOYCE JAMESON) were known as THE FUN GIRLS on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. The "Cukoo Pigeon" sisters from the movie THE ODD COUPLE and the TV show LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY probably were influenced greatly by JEAN and JOYCE's characters. You know, two girls who just want to have fun.

Jean has a Website where she has original photographs from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. She receives lots of TWILIGHT ZONE cards, which show her in a TZ Episode, from people every month. She will sign the cards, but requests $5.00 for each card she signs.