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  • Sect

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 2/6/78

    Charlie Hume and his wife are upset about their son Tommy's conversion to the Hare Krishna religion, but have second thoughts after hiring a "de-programmer" to kidnap him. Meanwhile, Rossi and Billie do a story on such religious cults.

  • Old Flames Never Die

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 20 - 2/21/75

    Felix is upset when he learns that his high school girlfriend is now a grandmother.
  • I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 11 - 12/12/68

    Tabitha goes to preschool for the first time and meets Amy, a classmate. When the teacher plays Mother Nature, Amy is told she shall be a toad, even though she wants to be a butterfly. Tabitha misunderstands her request and actually turns her into a butterfly! Samantha, who has been nervously watching the whole thing through the window, must chase Amy the butterfly all around the city in order to set things right.moreless
  • Donna's Prima Donna

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 20 - 2/1/62

    When Mary decides to forsake college and embark on a singing career, Donna falls back upon a trick played by her, own, Mother. This time around, though, the facts are different. Will Donna end up making a very large mistake, when it comes to Mary's future?