Jean Louisa Kelly

Jean Louisa Kelly


3/9/1972, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

Birth Name

Jean Louisa Kelly



Also Known As

Jean Kelly, Louisa Kelly
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Jean Louisa graduated from Columbia University in 1994 with a degree in English. In addition to acting she sings, having appeared on the soundtrack to The Outer Limits.

Kelly made her screen debut at age 16 in the film Uncle Buck. Later she appeared in the television movies…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • wow.... what a shame, such beauty wasted .

    jean is one of the most beautifull women on tv ...its a shame they cancelled the show ...thank GOD for syndication. i sure hope jean would consider getting back on tv. comedy fits her well,,, i thougt the show was going well. jimmy was a blast ,, he also had a hot wife,, can you tell me why in tv do all the dorky guys get all the hot wives. how did greg get a gig before jean ... we need her back please .. please keep us posted on jeans next move , hopefully she\'ll land on another sitcommoreless
  • great girl

    i love the way she does her job(acting) she really is talented i don't know why she doesn't get primary roles in big movies or tv shows i think that she desreves it cause she is one of the few talented actresses out there today. when i see her on tv i remain ammased by the naturla way she acts . And one as to say it she is realy sexy and very young although she seems older. hope she gets some important roles cause if so ill be the first one to get stuck to the tv to see hermoreless