Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Jean-Luc Bilodeau


11/4/1990, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau on Baby Daddy Season 1.
  • Derek Theler, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, and Tah...
  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau on Baby Daddy Season 1.
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Jean-Luc is your average teenager who likes to hang out with his friends and listening to music. His interest includes a wide variety of music, movies, and television. Jean-Luc's favorite places to shop are American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister. Aside from his role on Kyle XY, Jean-Luc…more


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    • Jean Luc: I want to do movies, so that'll be fun, if I can get them I mean. I definitely want to audition for more and then I think I see Kyle XY going into a third season so I'm sure I'll start that up somewhere in February, March somewhere around there so just audition for parts and keep going

    • Jean-Luc: I live in Vancouver, Canada so I auditioned up here (for his part on Kyle XY). I thought I did OK and then I got called for the call-back in LA. So they flew me out to LA to do that, I went to the Disney lot and I walked into one of the rooms, and there was my friend from Vancouver who was auditioning for it as well. We're always battling it out for parts - we're good friends - but we're always up for the same stuff. Anyway, I ended up finding out that I got it a few days later. Yeah, I was so excited.

    • Jean-Luc: I was probably about eight years old (when he first started acting). It was a Tyco remote controlled car commercial. I got to play with the cars at lunch time and the producer comes up to me and asks, "Hey, how do you like the car?" and I think I told him it sucked. I didn't know yet that you weren't supposed to say that kind of thing to the producer. I think the other kids all got a car after that, but I didn't get one. I wonder why...

    • Jean-Luc: I love listening to music, if it hadn't been for the film industry I would have most likely launched a music career. On weekends, you can find me kickin' it at home or having a blast with my bestest buddies.

  • This guy is an actor on Kyle Xy. He plays Josh Trager;son of Mr & Mrs Trager,brother to Lori Trager and adoptive brother to Kyle Trager. Boyfriend to Andy Jensen.

    I really think that Jean-Luc is a great actor. His agent should really start putting him out there alot more. He just catches your attention each time he is on Kyle XY and I can't stop laughing as soon as he delivers a funny line or just anything humorous. Now when it comes to the serious parts the boy is great. For example on a scene they did were the family was standing around a table pouring over facts of what they know of Kyle and the file that charactor Josh (Jean-luc)made of Kyle mysterious tricks he is able to do. Josh gets very upset and defends Kyle even though he was the one that wrote all the unexplained things Kyle could do. Jean-Luc played that part so well it had me in tears.

    He should not only be acting just in Television but on big screen as well.moreless
  • Jean-Luc is a talented actor who has a bright future.

    Jean-Luc Bilodeau portrays Josh Trager, the youngest and orneriest member of the Trager family. Josh is always looking for an angle, whether it's getting Kyle to do his homework or making a quick buck. And yet, Josh always seems surprised when he finds himself in trouble. Canadian born Jean-Luc Bilodeau made his television debut on Kyle XY which he does an amazing job. But Jean-Luc is no new comer. He has a slew of commercial work behind him and a starring role in the film Ill Fated[2004]. Jean-Luc recently finished filming a supporting role for the upcoming horror film Trick ‘r Treat starring Anna Paquin. Jean-Luc is a great actor and with his good looks he just destined for greatness.moreless