Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton


1/19/1923, New York, New York, USA



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Jeanne Murray


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A veteran movie and stage actress, Jean Stapleton was in a variety of TV shows through her long career, including All in the Family, Archie Bunkers Place, and Touched by an Angel.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stapleton's remains were cremated.

    • Stapleton was the voice of Mrs. Jenkins in the animated movie Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.

    • She has appeared in movies such as "You've Got Mail", "Bells Are Ringing", "Ghost Mom", "Pursuit of Happiness", "Baby", and "Damn Yankees!".

    • Stapleton once toured in one-woman show called Eleanor, which was about First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

    • Stapleton changed the pitch of her voice to play Edith Bunker on All In The Family. Her natural voice is not as high-pitched.

    • Stapleton won three Emmy Awards for her performance of Edith Bunker on All In The Family. She also won eight Golden Globe Awards for the same show.

    • Jean Stapleton was offered the role of Edith Bunker on All In The Family at the same time she was offered the role of Mrs. TeeVee on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    • She once ran the Totem Pole Playhouse, which is a Summerstock Theatre, in Pennsylvania, with her late husband.

    • Jean Stapleton landed the role of Edith Bunker on All in the Family when creator, Norman Lear, saw her perform in Damn Yankees on Broadway.

    • Stapleton has two children named John Putch and Pamela Putch. They are both entertainers as well.

    • Stapleton married William H. Putch in 1957 and they remained married until his death in 1983. Putch was buried at Lincoln Cemetery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

    • She was once a secretary.

    • In 1939, she graduated from Wadleigh High School in New York City, New York.

  • Quotes

    • Jean Stapleton: I, of all people, did not work for stardom. Stardom isn't a goal. The goal is to work, to express your talent.

    • Jean Stapleton: (talking about her favorite thing about working on the stage) There's more than one. First, you do a piece of material that begins and ends and has a flow; it's not chopped up as in a film, where in an extreme case you might be doing the last scene of the script the first day that you go to work, and you don't know enough about the character you're playing. In the theatre, it's a craft and you're going from beginning to end and you experience the whole flow of the play.

    • Jean Stapleton: On the last day of our five-day work week, we did two performances and we had an audience. It was similar to theatre; we went from beginning to end, and it was very pleasing.

    • Jean Stapleton: I think it's more fulfilling to be working with people. Lots of colors appear when you're working with other people. It's a more natural form.

    • Jean Stapleton: In the theatre, it's a craft and you're going from beginning to end and you experience the whole flow of the play.

  • a great

    I love thiswoman, she is like a grandmother to me, I remember Edith Bunker as being a part of my life from very earlychildhood, now asan adult I can appeciate the talent and humpr at a whole other level, she is a talent that will be hard to equal.. and there will never be another dingbat