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    • Jeanne: There's no such thing as a silent kiss anymore; they're [the actors] all smacking away, or their mouths are open like they're going to swallow a whale. Daytime is competing with primetime and soft porn. That's why we've lost people.

    • Jeanne: Forget retiring. Here's a brilliant idea: open a brothel for seniors only! You must be 65 and over. No actual physical contact. That's all in the past. But we'd have all kinds of artefacts that tickle your fantasy on display, and run erotic films and critique them. The doors would be knocked down by youngsters wanting to come to the senior's brothel. [Laughs]

    • Jeanne: I don't like living in LA, at all. It's so spread out it doesn't feel like a community any more. There are no rules our boundaries. It's where I work and the grandkids are all here. I like being accessible to them, but I'd like to be somewhere like Montana or Wyoming. I'd like to have a big spread, with a big group of guesthouses for visitors. Strangely enough, I love Denmark, too, but my secondary country, if I had to live somewhere else, is Canada. God, I love Canada.

    • Jeanne: I made some transitions in life and that makes the inner light go on. When you're discontent with something, it's going to show. And the older you get, the more it's going to show. It's harder to mask it.