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  • Jeanne was a tough lady with a lot of spunk, she just didn't have the strategy to succeed at Survivor.

    Jeanne was a tough lady in every sense of the word. She showed a strength and resilience which would make any woman proud.

    Jeanne's fault was that she was not a game player. As so often happens in Survivor, people looking for a challenge (rather than looking to play the game) slip through the casting cracks and end up being selected. Jeanne had no strategy, but she had the skills, the strength, the attitude and the confidence to succeed.

    I thought that strategically, Jeanne played the best game she could. She did what she could with what she had to work with, which wasn't much. In a bad situation, she turned the focus off herself, and this kept her around a few more days. Flying below the voting radar is not enough when you have no other strategy to maintain your situation, especially when, in real life, you flying a couple of kilometers above the radar! Jeanne was not someone who could tone down her personality, or keep her mouth shut, and that was always going to work against her.

    I think Jeanne's respect for Joanna showed the strength of her character. I also think that feeding the girls mold was very amusing. She tried hard, and that means a lot.