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  • What do people find in Bleach, God!

    God,why is she even a voice actor she makes characters sound like babies especially Beth & Jinta Hanakari god his voice gets on my nerves and so does this voice actor i cannot stand hearing that high pitched voice she does terrible dubbing she also voices the main character in that Beth girl show Oblongs probably that sucks as well yes she is famous for playing Jinta but she makes him sound too girly this actor is so idiotic i'll blow my head up next time i hear that stupid voice what Jeannie Elias does for Jinta my head is going to blow up.
  • Jeannie Elias is very talented. She just needs to voice ladies as well.

    Jeannie Elias is a voice actress even if I don't really like 100%, she is still very good. She is yet another female voice actor to voice teenage boys in the shows.

    While I dislike that, she does indeed deliver the voice of the charatcers well. And, whenever she is asked to do a lady's voice (Malaria from Billy and Mandy), her voice sounds extremely different. And, I believe why not, she should voice female voices as well because I personally feel she is a great actress.

    And I just cannot stress how much more she can improve but her voice just isnt that great for me.