Jed Allan





3/1/1937 , New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jed Allan Brown




Jed was born Jed Allan Brown on March 1st, 1937 and grew up in the Bronx. His father was a professional musician and so it was clear that Jed would also soon be interested in the arts. Originally his dream was to become a musician like his father. Then he decided for a short time that he would become a radio announcer, but finally made his diploma as an actor.

Because of his height, 6' 3'', he had the option between a career in sports or in acting. Jed decided to become an actor and started theatre in Washington in 1958. The same year he married his wife, Toby, an interior decorator. Going back to New York in 1961 he opened at Broadway in several productions. When he left the east coast to go to Hollywood in 1967, he already had to take a family with him: his wife had given birth to three sons. Mitch (born 1960, actor), Dean (born 1963, lawyer) and Rick (born 1966, writer).

His first appearance in a TV production at the west coast was a part in the world famous series Lassie (1968), but he also made his first movie called Ice Station Zebra (1968). In 1971 he was hired for the part of Don Craig in the soap opera Days of our Lives and since then he became a constant in daytime television.

To give his family a very special home he bought Clark Gable's house "Windy Gable" in 1981 and lived there for many years before he moved into a new house east of Los Angeles in the early '90s.

Despite a very busy and successful life as an actor he found time and still does find time to enjoy his hobbies: music (piano and banjo), travel, golf, sailing. And although he is not a cook at all, he made and released his own video called Cookin'-Fun with great success. Over, the years, the Brown family has grown bigger, with grandchildren arriving, and Jed is a passionate grandfather.