Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


10/2/1962, Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Jeffrey Glenn Bennett



Also Known As

Jeff Glen Bennet, Jeff Glenn Bennet, Jeff Bennet I, Jeff Bennet, Jeff Glen Bennett
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Jeff Bennett is credited in many names and he's a well-known voice actor in many cartoons and video games. He had been voice acting since the age of 20. He had done many voices of many cartoons like Johnny Bravo, Freakaziod!, Dexter's Laboratory, and Camp Lazlo. In acting,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Wow, is there a cartoon he hasn't been in?

    Jeff Glen Bennett is simply an amazing voice actor! He can do many good voices that suit his characters very well. From shows like Dexter's Laboratory and Johnny Bravo to The PowerPuff Girls and American Dragon: Jake Long, he has provided excellent voices for all of his hilarious characters! He also, unlike some other voice actors, can play background characters without the viewers knowing that he is voicing them.I hope he keeps up the good work in providing us these good voices in the future.

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  • He is great... I love all the different voices!

    I don't think this is the same person who did radio work in Albany New York though. That Jeff Bennett was from Delmar NY ... Here on the east coast ... He was funny though and I think you are right ... He either went to work for IBM or Xerox or some other corporate giant. There are a lot of Jeff Bennett's out in the world. How 'bout the guy who pitches for the Atlanta Braves? Jeff Bennett the cartoon voice master might want to consider the possibility of changing his name so that he doesn't get lost in the shuffle!!!moreless