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  • Strong-willed, does not take crap from anyone, very good entrepreneur, and honest.

    From what I've seen in Sunset Tan, I love how he just tells it straight up. He obviously got a really good business but surrounded with pretty, spoiled and drama queen employees (except the guy). I love how he treated the Olly girls the way they should have been treated. He makes good tv and makes the rest of us feel better knowing no one likes putting up with stupid and drama ridden ppl.

    His only mistake is hiring his employees. Since his business is tanning - it initially doesn't require too much profesionalism but when his business is growing now, there is rising need for more business savvy, service oriented, focused. Most employees need to rise to the new demands and he's growing frustrated because the pressure between everyone is getting worse and no one seems to have grips on reality but him. I know he knows that the Nick and Erin are the best they got.moreless